The Author-Entertainer Dana Smith

I was born in Oakland, California in 1951. I have toured for decades across the United States and Canada. I lived for a while near the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I did another chunk of time on a 17 acre farm near Corvallis, Oregon. I’ve lived in the back of my truck, trailer, or sailboat almost longer than I’ve lived in a house. I’ve lived in San Francisco longer than any other place. Started out with a circus then did my one man show for the last many decades. I drafted my first novel in 1980. I turned my attention back to this manuscript in 2005. The result was my first novelHighway Home in 2009,  then my second Pleasure Craft in 2011, and my latest, a comedy, Hot Spring Honeymoon finished in September of 2013. The fourth novel is at the end. Next my team of editors and I will put the manuscript through the grind until it comes out of the process on the other end in its final draft. I expect that to be done by the first of spring 2017.

  • November 2016

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